Leadership Coaching

Being a leader is one of the most challenging (and sometimes thankless) tasks a person can take on. As well as experiencing the highs of successful implementation of a project or vision, leaders can feel disconnected, rudderless, burdened or lost. The corporate world can add to this feeling, as we think everyone else is managing when we are not.

Or sometimes we are successful yet know that there is more to do, more potential to unlock, more drive to capitalise on. Often nowadays successful leaders are looking for ways to instil a feeling of meaning and purpose into their teams. Research shows that people will work hard if their work is meaningful to them, if they have autonomy and a way to master their craft. It’s no longer simply enough to motivate with money, people need to know that their efforts make a difference.

  • Do you know how to be a leader that inspires like that?

  • Do you want to be a leader that makes a difference?

  • A leader whose life has purpose and meaning?

Leadership Coaching helps you develop the skills and ways of being necessary to be a new kind of leader. The kind of leader that works smarter, not harder; that knows how to motivate others; that can create a vision for the company and convey that in a meaningful manner. Test your ideas in the safety of the coaching relationship, giving yourself the dry-run that makes a difference.

Leadership Coaching is individual to each leader. A particularly powerful intervention is the EQi 2.0, which measures emotional intelligence. Together, we could assess your strengths and get feedback from your team through a 360 report. 

We create this together.