Personal Coaching


Clarity – Confusion is replaced with peace, purpose and a sense of meaning

Direction – Knowing your goal allows you to plan meaningfully 

More free time – Less time spent worrying means more time to play

Better work/life balance – you gain control over the demands of your working live and choose how to spend your time

Better relationships – communication with loved ones improves

More energy – you feel energised by your life and spring out of bed in the morning 

Many people, at many points in their lives, need help to think. We get too easily stuck in our habits, not being able to see the potential creative solutions to the issues that face us. We often feel alone, trapped with our own problems. Or, in our organisational life, we feel rudderless.

Personal coaching provides a fully confidential space for you to explore your deepest questions with someone who is interested in your success. Coaching works by shifting your focus from the past to the future, rather than being constrained by what you think you can and can’t do. Coaching uncovers your limiting beliefs and frees you to create a more positive outlook, consider and take new actions and generate long lasting change in all areas of your life. Through coaching you connect to your passions and create a roadmap towards living them.

“In a sentence, Lee has taught me how to live. In 3 months, Lee’s approach has developed in me a level of self-confidence that is absolutely unprecedented in my experience. There is no magic button to press here, I’ve been working very hard and more work is afoot but gosh is it worth it!!! At 33 I feel excited about life again because it finally has a purpose; MY purpose.”
JM, IT Consultant and Musician

How does it work?

We will usually meet on the telephone or skype, twice a month for at least six months. Each coaching session lasts 45 minutes and deals with a specific issue, goal and set of actions. You bring your dreams to the coaching and I support you by uncovering your real ambitions, building your self-confidence and self-belief so you successfully take charge of your life. Then, often using specific set goals and weekly actions, together we you move from having an idea, to having a plan and then to success. Contact me to chat about it. 

How much does it cost? Fees are £300 plus VAT for 2 x 45min sessions per month.