“Lee Chalmers, one of Britain’s foremost personal development coaches and possessor of more charisma per inch than any woman in northern Europe.”
— Guy Browning, The Guardian, Nov 2004

Happy Clients


“In the long list that Clore sent us, I found Lee Chalmers, my charismatic coach. I was severely workaholic and couldn’t read maps. Lee had an uncanny ability to find the knots and then deftly taught you how to untie them.”

Niyati Mehta, Chevening Clore fellow

“In a sentence, Lee has taught me how to live. In 3 months, Lee’s approach has developed in me a level of self-confidence that is absolutely unprecedented in my experience. There is no magic button to press here, I’ve been working very hard and more work is afoot but gosh is it worth it!!! At 33 I feel excited about life again because it finally has a purpose; MY purpose.”

— Joe Medici, IT Consultant

“Lee was part of a small team of leadership coaches hired by my firm. Within a short space of time she was able to make a clear contact with our group and was, in my mind, head and shoulders above her colleagues in all aspects of coaching. Her style, innovative approach, and fearlessness make her an absolute pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to any business or individual looking for a coach who will really challenge them, yet do this in a way that you will hardly notice!”

— Roger Hill, Partner, KPMG 2011

“I needed to take control of my life but I had lost my focus on how or why to do that. The first step to change this was to arrange to see Lee. Within only a few sessions I had found myself a great new job, with fantastic prospects and a good salary. I also decided to move house and I am now incredibly happy where I am living, which I hadn’t been previously. This has been one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done and I have been recommending Lee to everyone I know.”

— Kate rees, London


“From session one Lee was an incredible inspiration. When you’re so wrapped up in your own beliefs of what’s possible and what isn’t, you vastly limit your enjoyment of life. Lee has an uncanny ability in being able to find your loose ends, tug at them and unravel the knots, with patience, determination and enormous enthusiasm. In our period of six months, I progressed greatly in my career, my fear was removed from my decision making and my self imposed limitations ceased. Truly wonderful stuff. Thanks Lee!”

— Phil Askew, London

“Lee was hired by the firm I work for (HSBC) to be a leadership consultant and facilitator during a 6 month leadership development program, in which I was a participant. Frankly, Lee changed my life. Lee provided me with a very interesting perspective and insight into my leadership capabilities and areas of needed development. Perhaps more importantly, Lee helped me discover myself, both personally and professionally.

— Abbie Dawes, VP, HSBC 2011

“I cannot praise enough your intuition of business and willingness to make me come up with my own solutions such that I now have a clearer idea of what I want to achieve and how to go about it. With your penetrating questions and encouragement I would not have got anywhere near where I am. The goals you helped me set are attainable and you also helped me plot how to achieve them. You have been practical and inspirational. I shall recommend you wherever I can with a view to obtaining referrals because the people under your tutelage will be most fortunate.”

— lynne Brooke, Vizards Tweedie

“Lee Chalmers...more wise friend than guru...”

— Serena mackesey, The Times, July 2005