Womens Leadership

One of the most underutilised resources in the business world is women. Though girls make up 51% of births in the UK, and women over 50% of graduates, they are sorely absent from leadership positions around the world.

Forward thinking companies are aware that they need to find ways to attract and retain female talent or they are going to be left behind by their competitors. Ambitious women know that they need strategies to help them navigate the often unforgiving world of business in order to get ahead and make the contribution they can make.

There are many reasons why women are not showing up in the leadership space in the numbers that you might expect, some more easily addressed than others. 

Internal factors:

  • Research has shown that women can often be their own worst enemies, they don’t ask for pay rises, they don’t sing their own praises and they wait to be spotted for promotion.
  • Reports show that women do not necessarily respond well to the ‘dog eat dog’ environment often present in corporate life. A great many leave to start their own businesses, thus draining talent out the organisation.

Structural factors:

  • Companies often do not know how to recognise and accommodate the reality of women’s lives. This applies to fathers or others with caring responsibilities. How can we value a contribution that is less than 24/7?
  • Institutionalised bias/sexism. All too often companies have a culture that undervalues women by seeing them as ‘less than’ men. This environment does not allow women to do their best work, is sometimes awful for them and not effective for the business.

Womens Leadership coaching can help. Working one on one can help you, the ambitious and committed woman, create the way forward. We discuss how to gain strategic support, how to create powerful networks, to learn to blow your own trumpet, to navigate the political context of business. Having someone outside of the business who understands the pressures and opportunities can make all the difference to getting ahead.

If your company has the problem of not knowing how to encourage or retain its women, we can develop strategies for that too. How can you create a women friendly environment to ensure your commercial success for the next decade?

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